VDD Timeout Patch (Beta)

From the 'Read Me First' file
This is a very bloody BETA version of a patch that "may" catch errors when using the MicroFox VDD. The way it works is explained in VDD Patch Code text file but to sum it up it gets in between the running program and the EOS's READ BLOCK routine, catching any errors and alerting the user with a BUZZ and giving them the ability to remount the image and press a key to continue.

This patch will only work if the image that is being loaded does not replace the installed EOS with another version, or with CP/M or TDOS. It also will not work if the loaded program does a hard reset as this will reload EOS from ROM.

To use the patch mount the image and reset the ADAM. Then follow the prompts on the screen.

Let me know at info@adamware.us your success or failure using this.


September 4, 2018

Download Download VDD Timeout Patch

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