Back in the early 80's there were many magazines that featured BASIC programs that you could type into your computer. After doing this you would usually have a half way decent game or a useful utility. I would like to start doing that again for the Coleco Adam.

Each month I would like to make available a disk or data pack image that can be downloaded containing new programs written by Adam users that can be used in an emulator or copied to a micro SD for the VDD or disk to be used on the real hardware.

I would also make these images available on disk or data pack for purchase for those who do not have the ability of moving images form the PC to real hardware. This cost would be minimal.

To do this I would need your assistance.

Have you written any games, utilities or patches for the Adam that you would like to have included in this? If so email these to me along with a description of what it is. If you do not have a way of emailing the program it contact me and I will give you information on how to mail a tape or disk. If you have any feedback on doing this let me know.

With your help we can make the Adam survive for another 36 years!

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