Adam 2018

What is Adam 2018?

Adam 2018 is a software package that helps improve your Coleco Adam experience. The initial release is a front end to the excellent Adam emulator originally created by Marcel de Kogel and currently maintained by Geoffrey Oltmans.

Installing Adam 2018

  1. Unzip the archive - I suggest putting it in C:\ADAM2018
  2. Right click on the "Adam 2018.exe" icon and select Send To .. Desktop Shortcut
  3. Navigate to where you unzipped it and enter the "vc" folder
  4. Run the program "VC_redist.x86.exe" - this will install the needed DLL's
  5. Restart your computer - this is a must else the DLL's will not be registered
  6. If you do not have a working copy of Adam EM on your computer continue these steps, else run Adam 2018 and use the Configuration / Program option to tell Adam 2018 where the emulator is (see menu options below)
  7. Windows 7, 8 and 10:
    Navigate to the "emulator" folder and right click on the program adamem.exe
    Select Properties
    Select Compatibility
    Click the "Change settings for all users" button
    Check the "Run this program as an administrator" option
    Click OK
    Click OK again
    Now run AdamEm.exe, if pop ups show asking if you want to allow changes tell it yes, tell always / never ask again
  8. Windows XP (and possibly Vista):
    Navigate to the "dosemu" folder
    Double click on the "adamem.exe" file
    When it asks if you want to run it uncheck the "Always ask before opening file" box and click Run
    When Smart Writer opens, press CTRL+F9 and then select Quit Emulator

Adam 2018 is now ready to use. If you installed for XP you will need to initially go to Configuration / Program in the Adam 2018 program and navigate to the "dosemu" folder and select adamem.exe as the emulator.

Adam 2018 Main Menu Options:

Drag and Drop:

You can drag and drop any disk (.dsk), tape (.ddp), IDE (.img) image or cartridge (.rom) into the window (or program icon) and Adam 2018 will immediately start it. If you drag an IDE image it will also start the bootide.dsk image.


You can change the background of Adam 2018 by replacing the file background.bmp in the support folder with one of you own choosing. The dimensions used are 600 pixels wide and 300 high at 72 dpi and 24 bit color depth.

Download Adam 2018

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