ADAM's Jukebox

The following disk images contain many songs that Joe Blenkle (site) has created that showcase the awesome sound possibilities of the Coleco Adam.

On Facebook I asked Joe to give details on how he converted the midi files:

Both the Multimedia disks and the ADAM's Jukebox disks use .ADM files which I think stands for "ADAM MIDI". There are several types of midi files out there -- mostly Type 1 and Type 0. ADAM needs Type 0. If they are Type 1, there are programs that can convert them to Type 0. At this point, you probably need to edit the midi files, as well. I (sic) lot of them are fairly complicated with lots of instruments, tracks and channels. ADAM can't handle these well. I usually go in and change all the instruments to Piano and put everything on Channel 1 or 2. Some tracks may just need to be silenced or cut out because they just don't sound good. After converting and editing, you need to get the file on an ADAM disk. I use WRDISK to put them on a disk image. Then you use Chris Brayman's (Bonafide Systems) Multimedia Utilities to turn the .MID file into an .ADM file. They then can be played individually on the ADAM's Jukebox disk or the name can be added into the JukeBx.ALB file and the program will let you play all the songs listed like an "Album".

ADAM's Jukebox - Broadway (2019).DSK
ADAM's Jukebox - John Denver.DSK
ADAM's Jukebox - Rock & Pop 2.DSK
ADAM's Jukebox - Rock & Pop 3.DSK
ADAM's Jukebox - Rock & Pop 4.DSK
ADAM's Jukebox - Rock & Pop.DSK
ADAM's Jukebox - Beatles Vol. 1
ADAM's Jukebox - Beatles Vol. 2
ADAM's Jukebox - Beatles Vol. 3
ADAM's Jukebox - Disney Songs
ADAM's Jukebox - Monkees Vol. 1
ADAM's Jukebox - Monkees Vol. 2
ADAM's Jukebox - TV & Movies

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