Image Manager

This is a BETA version of an Image Manager for the Adam Disk Emulator (ADE) created by Sean Myers and built by John Lundy. It will allow you to use the keyboard and scroll through images on the microSD card and then load that image by pressing return.

From the Read Me First.txt

How To Use:

Copy the Image Manager.dsk image to your ADE microSD card. Rename to boot.dsk (all lower case) to have it autoboot.

From the Change Log.txt

06/22/2019 - Version 1.2:
If you are having problems loading images you can use SHIFT+WILDCARD to start an image instead of RETURN. This will wipe out lower RAM before loading images.

05/22/2019 - Version 1.1:
Added more delay (from 2/10ths a second to 1/2 second) on loading images due to the ADE not responding fast enough

05/13/2019 - Version 1.0:
Added Smart Key control. Press Wild Card to see the help screen. Smart keys I,II,III,IV will allow you to assign an image to each drive. When done press VI to reset with these four images set.
Code changes to increase speed
Corrected sorting so that it will sort both lower and uppercase
Out of Beta stage
1. Certain programs will not work if Image Manager is named boot.dsk. These programs are Family Fued and Jeopardy. If you come across additional programs please let me know.

04/18/2019 - Version 0.4:
Moved the skip sort prompt to the sort routine so it does not show when loading
Increased the delay to 3 seconds before reseting the adam to load the select image
1. The ADE can handle 300 images on a microSD but recommend 100 to improve the experience

04/18/2019 - Version 0.3:
Modified boot code to show a true EDOS error number if it can not load Image Manager
Increased maximum number of images to 409 (ADE can only handle 300) for future use
Corrected a few bugs
Added this change log
Added ability to skip sorting - if skipped then you can not type into the list
1. If you see and image named SD Card Error select and load it. Once loaded look on the ADE and it will which image is bad on the 2nd line of the Display.
2. To speed up sorting, copy all images to a folder on your PC. Sort them and then copy the sorted files to the microSD, the ADE reads them in the order they are added to the card.
3. SD Card Error notices below the listing will be fixed in a future update.

04/17/2019 - Version 0.2:
Improved the speed of the routine for scrolling through the images on the screen.
Added indexing and sorting
Added ability to type first letter of an image and jump to it

04/16/2019 - Version 0.1:
Proof of concept

Let me know at your success or failure using this.

Download Image Manager

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