Colecovision Experience Volume #5

The Colecovision Experience Volume #5 contains 29 fantastic Colecovision / Homebrew games and prototypes that may not have been originally released on cartridge.

All of these games are easily accessed through an intuitive menu system that makes use of the ADAM's 40 column mode and allows you to use the keyboard or controller for navigation. The menu system also allows you to change the colors on the screen which it will save in the image as well as remember the last title you accessed.

The games that are in this volume are:

Santa's Gift Run
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels I
Smash 4kb
Smash 8kb
Smooth Crimin
Smurf - Unknown Game
Sound FX - Vol. 1
Sound FX - Vol. 2
Space Caverns
Space Hunter

Space Invaders Collection
Space Invasion
Space Trainer
Spaz Attak - v07
Star Fortress
Stubby! v02
Sudoku - v02
Super Pong

Untitled Game
Video Hustl
Warm Fuzzy - Quest for Salad
Winky Trap
Wrong Way!
Yolk's on You, The
Zap - v01

Download Colecovision Experience Volume #5

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